Chuck was born in Germany.  He was adopted by military parents and brought to the United States at age five.  In the early years the young lad grew and achieved the age of twenty years while serving his first tour of duty in the military.  It was in this twentieth year he open a Gideon bible and read the four Gospels.  Touched by the incredible story of Jesus Christ this young man asked God for the astonishing gift of Christ's death saying something like this:  "Lord God, I believe Jesus is both your son and savior.  I so need and desire what he accomplished for people through his death.  Never have I known such a love as what I now see in him.  I understand why he died--why he died for me.  As so many others, may I too be given this mercy and a new life? Before that prayer was finished, this young man experienced a change that would forever mark him.  He had received his answer.  A new man was born on the spot.  From there until this very day he has belonged to the Lord.  Chuck would say this to you:  "It is just the beginning of so much yet to come.  I now know the Lord Jesus Christ kindly looked my way and said this--follow me!" Today, Chuck will tell you that God continues with him through life in all its amazing yet at times heartbreaking moments.  "The death of Jesus brings and end to that which keeps us from God.  The resurrection provides both the path and the outcome of the journey in this life.  The gift and presence of the Holy Spirit applies the power for an assured outcome.  The outcome for Chuck is receiving the fullness of redemption and getting to enter into His presence as one of his own. His role in My Gospel Station is to tell the story of Jesus Christ ....

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